Hey everyone!

Some of you might be visiting from my blog The Flash Fiction Ponder. If so, thanks for hopping on over:) Others may not know me, in which case I'll briefly introduce myself.

I've been writing for over 30 years, this art and craft being my life's passion and work. I recently decided to create an online course to offer others the knowledge I have accumulated during this time, with the inclusion of my son, Journey Teller Lamoureux when I can, and thus here we are as we go through the trials and tribulations of indeed building this course.

As of this writing Journey's just over 3 months old, so the only thing he'll really be taking part in at this time is photos every now and then along with doing some promo videos with daddy for the course and a few intro clips for the actual class, the main content being taught by me via screencast.

I joined up with Teachable on my birthday, August 4th. after experiencing not-so-great customer service from both SkillShare and Udemy, the former quite pompous with their so-called quality requirements. There was really nothing wrong with my video, yet they claimed the audio was not up to par. Actually this was really confusing when you consider I did nothing different from the first class I uploaded, and they didn't have a problem with that one.

The funny thing is, they think they're so great and yet I would see complaints on twitter about them every single day, countless people saying how they had been charged even though they had cancelled their memberships in plenty of time. Got me thinking, maybe this is why they offer the 2-month free trial, in hopes that those who take advantage of it will forget about it and therefore be charged for a whole year. Pretty unethical if you ask me. Sure they would deny such a thing, but they sure as hell aren't sending out reminder notices to people.

This is why I didn't go anywhere near that promo myself! Not that I would have forgot, but the strong possibility they would have charged even after cancellation.

Anyway, finally decided on using Teachable, combining all my boot camps into one intensive course, so that's what I'm currently working on, hoping to have it up by The Flash Fiction Ponder's 3rd anniversary on September 17th.

So thought I'd start to chronicle our progress here. Will be posting the outline of the course for you guys to see real soon, along with pics and other cool behind-the-scenes stuff.

Stay tuned!